SLAM Summer Study Group

Sunrise Learning About Movements

Meetings every Tuesday @8pm EDT

Join us on slack: #slam-general #slam-share #slam-care


SLAM is a study group program designed for those interested in Sunrise, social movements, and stimulating change (aka you!!). These weekly meetings are really just a way to come together as a hub, bring everyone up to speed, and catapult us on to a really productive fall semester filled with deliberate, soundly-based, meaningful action. SLAM hopes to provide a little bit of structure and nerdy fun to your summer and is a great excuse to meet and see all of your beautiful faces!

It’s never too late to join, so please check out the links below including our syllabus and past meeting notes! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Addie ( or Olivia ( to get plugged in.

Important Links:

Curious to find out more about SLAM and our curriculum? Visit our constantly-revised, collaborative syllabus!

Missed a meeting, or just want to reflect back on what we talked about a certain week? Check out our meeting notes!

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