Sunrise strives for inclusivity, diversity, and openness using persistent messaging within the Middlebury College community and extends a helping hand and an open mind to the efforts of others in the larger Vermont community fighting for climate justice.


Sunrise Middlebury strives to use methods such as workshops, readings, and social media both inside and outside our hub to further educate ourselves in order to bring attention to lesser known or marginalized issues.


Campaigns are ongoing expressions of Sunrise goals and values including partnerships with other organizations. These campaigns aim to maintain Sunrise visibility and encourage all students to join the movement to fight for climate justice in Vermont and across the United States.


Sunrise strives to foster a welcoming space that does not require previous knowledge and aims to educate those impassioned by environmental justice. Sunrise Middlebury is a space where everyone is welcome. It is a place to meet like-minded people from all communities and backgrounds who protest, party, build art, and hang out together.

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